Benjamin Turner

March 11 – April 01, 2016
Opening Reception March 11, 7-10 pm

Pastel pressed tight around the top


                                                         a pearl necklace

Two shoes      

                            LLllllllllava thumb driveway

                                white elastic mary janes      

                                                    head wrapped , pudding socks                            

loft clogZ         

                                                                           leather watch    º º

A plaster sculpture on a white pedestal : inverted geodesic dome, riding gloves (one pulling down, one holding on), black light, warm light, white vinyl text on pedestal “SKRIMPTCH Racket House {ecchi}”1  – – Another plaster sculpture on a white pedestal : round, dirty,  puffy, and pushed in; a leaf is tied up above it, there is a bottle inserted tightly into the leaf, dripping onto the sculpture – –  A back-lit photo : hands in the kitchen, beets, egg and a bowl 2– – Two dark photos : black frames, shiny and common – – A fluid fabric work : call it breezy, also dark (visually not in content) – – And a wall and floor piece : helvetica, times new roman on the floor and up the wall, one glowing “eye”, lush eyebrow and eye black.3


1 “SKRIMPTCH” – born out of conversations with Neal Reinalda, also graphic design consultant
2 Kitchen of Devon Deimler, Hands Kristina Tran
3 Description of work idea, my dear Julika Rudelius