10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag

Stephen Neidich
March 24 – April 01, 2017
Opening Reception March 24, 7-10 pm

Central Park is pleased to announce  10 LBS OF SHIT IN A 5 LB BAG  by Stephen Neidich. The artist’s new work for the gallery explores the his continued interest in the kinetic lines between sculpture and performance and the image of the scrap truck, a ubiquitous and unwieldy figure in the recycling economy of Los Angeles. For the project, Neidich will transport the full contents of a scrap metal truck hopper into the space of the gallery. For the opening reception, Neidich will weld the pieces of scrap metal into a freestanding sculpture in front of those in attendance. Upon completion, the piece will be switched on and for one week, the sculpture will slowly rotate on a motor-driven platform. As it spins, its tallest point will gradually erode the gallery ceiling, leaving a marker of the passage of time. On the closing day, Neidich will cut the sculpture down into smaller parts and deliver them to a scrap truck waiting outside, completing another cycle as the truck, in effect, resumes its original trip to the junkyard. The duration of the project was live-streamed on the gallery’s website and can be seen here.

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